Rafting is an extremely popular water sport which has gained a lot of prominence in the last five or six years.

Since 1991 Shri Bikaner House at Kedarnath Ji became a home to every guest in the days of the journey of pilgrimage. We always look up through the vision. A vision that embarked in our heart and for the service of faith. As we traced the lines of the ancestors until the present, our root as an Indian remains standing for the key foundation of our culture is our faith.

Our hotel is all defined by bespoke design feature, its high soffit and open spaces filled with dazzling natural light. All these features are enough to make you feel like you entered into the world of spirituality. Talking about our travels and adventure services, we customize the best trips for you which makes your day jubilant.

We, therefore, extend our hands and wholeheartedly opening our arms for a warm welcome to Raj Laxmi Darshan in Rishikesh (Uttarakhand).

Raj Laxmi Drashan’s aim is to provide you the unmatched services of Travels, Adventure, and Bhumi Vastu. We are here to serve you the best that give you the satisfying quality that could assure high standards of management as a whole.

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